Are we there yet?

I was born in Vancouver, but my kids have never dipped their tiny feet in tide pools. In Montreal, where I live, you would call me a “mère indigne”, an unfit mother. So I’m setting off on a cross-Canadian road trip with 4 kids in tow to right this wrong.

Luckily, my amazing employer lets me work remotely, so what might have been a quick flight, or a couple of weeks of driving, will be a 6-week digital nomad adventure. Did I mention we’re hiring?

Wish me luck and unlimited patience!

Some stats:

  • 6 weeks
  • 6 provinces
  • 4 kids
  • 4,982 km each way
  • 1 ocean, 2 mountain ranges, 2 great lakes
  • All the stars in the sky

Keep your feet on your side. Stop bothering your sister. Don’t make me stop the car.

Vancouver Sunset
Destination: The Pacific Ocean.