Day 8: Ship It!

I woke up first and had coffee with the campground bunny!

We also had a visit from Canada Parks mascot Parka the bear.

Then we packed up and headed down to Ingonish Beach.

There was a bit of fog on the way.

The water was 14 C and a recent storm had left the beach littered with rocks.

But we still had fun.

Then we headed to lunch at s local café where we also picked up some oatcakes. They were delicious.

And then on to the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site.

It has an entire mini historic city inside the fortress walls, and we were there in time to see the canon fired.

Finally, we headed off to Sydney to grab some groceries, more books, and catch the ferry to Newfoundland.

We took the overnight sailing and splurged on cabins.

They were small but cozy, and after hot showers we were off to sleep.

Some stats:

  • Rabbits: 1
  • Eagle: 1
  • Total distance: 2500 km

Day 7: O, Is Àlainn an t-Àite

We woke up to a beautiful day in P.E.I. And set out for our next stop: Cape Breton.

We crossed Confederation Bridge and headed to the Nova Scotia border, where they hire a bagpiper at the visitor’s centre. It was pretty impressive!

We had ice cream in Amherst. It was good, but Cows was better.

We stopped at Pictou for the best fish and chips ever, and to pick up some local jam and shortbread cookies.

We got three types of cookies: chocolate, maple, and traditional. Yum!

Then we headed up the Gaelic Coast to the Cabot Trail. It was beautiful, but maybe a bit harrowing. If you are going to drive on curvy mountain cliff-side roads, that overlook the sea, I like a shoulder on my road. And a railing. I mean both, optimally.

We stopped before Baddeck to get oatmeal bannock for dinner. Dinner was local bread and jam!

We stayed in Cape Breton Highlands National Park, near Ingonish Beach.

Fun fact: Parts of Cape Breton were settled by the Scots and all the signs are in Gaelic.

The campground is a really isolated spot, but well serviced and we had a great view of the stars. But…. black flies!

I have never loved by Canadian Tire bug-proof shelter more!

There was a bunny though, which more than made up for any bug sightings.

Some stats:

  • Eagle: 1
  • Rabbit: 1
  • Squirrels: lots
  • Chipmunks: 2
  • Total distance: 2500 km