Day 5 and 6: Sleeping Beside Jellyfishes

Kouchibouguac National Park was amazing in daylight. Green and quiet. We wish we could have stayed longer, but we had another stop planned.

So we set off for Moncton and a quick stop for groceries and books. Lots of driving means lots of car-friendly activities for the kids, and reading is the one that keeps them happiest for the longest.

And then we headed off to Confederation Bridge.

On the P.E.I. Side we stopped for ice cream at Cows Ice Cream. I had the Royal Cownadian Mint, which was excellent. They also make cheeses, so I got another aged cheddar.

Then we headed to The Prince Edward Island National Park. Our spot was on the beach near Cavendish. The view was spectacular.

We were the closest spot to the sea and it was very windy. Many tent pegs were used. But also, there were very few bugs. Yay.

The earth was red. The beach was sandy and covered in blue and purple rocks. But the wind was fierce and the lifeguards huddled in wool tuques and full fishing suits. Two of us went in anyway. It was 15 C.

We spent the next two days playing on the beach, lying in the sun, and cooking things in the fire on sticks.

Our campsite was at the top of low sand cliffs, which were also the nesting ground for bank swallows.

The beach was full of red jellyfish.

Of all the places we’ve been, this was the most relaxing.

Cheese Review:

Cows Creamery, Extra Old Cheddar ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Exceptionally creamy texture, flavourful, but not exceptionally so.

Some Stats:

  • Squirrels: so many
  • Jellyfish: 4
  • Eagle: 1
  • Bank swallows: so many
  • Potatoes eaten: 0
  • Total distance: 1600 km

Kid: Can we go to the fox museum?

Me: Umm, it’s not a “we love foxes” museum, it’s a “look at all the things we can make with foxes” museum.

Kids: (long silence and then a quiet, horrified voice) oh

(We didn’t go to the fox museum)

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