A Mari Usque ad Mare

Atlantic Ocean, here we come!

Last summer, we drove from Montreal to the Pacific Ocean and back. So we had no choice this year but to complete the cross-Canadian voyage.

A Mari Usque Ad Mare (“from sea to sea” in English) is the Canadian national motto, but it’s also a great way to see all the stars in sky.

We set out from Montreal late in the afternoon, making it to Quebec City (well, Charny) in time for dinner.

We got our first sunset heading out of town.

Our next stop was Trois-Pistoles, where there is a 24-hour artisanal cheese maker, Fromagerie des Basques. We picked out four for the rest of our trip: Trois-Pistoles, Mont-Saint-Mathieu, an extra-strong cheddar, and some fromage en grains.

And finally, we got to Le Bic National Park, where we set up our tent and went to sleep, but not before spotting a shooting star.

Some stats:

  • Rabbit: 1
  • Total distance: 500 km

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