Home away from home

Even though I was working full time in Vancouver, we still managed to see a lot of the city.

We went to the Richmond Night Market and sipped frosty drinks, ate tasty snacks, and checked out the Totoro socks.

We went to the Vancouver Aquarium.

There were fish, jellyfish, and frogs.

The aquarium acts as a marine mammal rehabilitation centre, and they have a kids’ play area where they can practice.

I’m pretty sure I could fill a whole blog just with photos from the aquarium.

We also ate at some amazing places. We had great vegetarian dim sum in Chinatown.

We had amazing Indian food where they made naan and jelabi right in front of you.

We ate at my favourite hipster bakery.

We ate ice cream near commercial.

Durian ice cream anyone?

We ate real Ferraro Rocher.

And we stocked up on Pocky.

Hungry yet?

We also visited the planetarium.

We went hiking at Lighthouse Park.

Plus, there was actual work.

My “office” even had a koi pond.

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