Day 10: To the sea

Technically, Vancouver is right on the sea, but since my kids had never seen the ocean before, I thought we should get a bit more of it than city life normally allows.

So we packed up our gear super early and set off once again, this time for the Tsawwassen ferry terminal.

My kids have never been on a boat, so it made a big impression.

We passed a few of the Gulf Islands, and got off at Saturna.

We grabbed lunch and then headed out to the tide pools. There was a lot to see.

Then back to home base where I cracked open a bottle of the wine we bought yesterday and watched an island sunset. Definitely worth 10 days of driving.

Some stats:

  • Deer: 2
  • Crabs: many
  • Starfish: infinite numbers
  • Limpet: 1
  • Fish: a few
  • White-crested sparrow: 1
  • Eagle: 1
  • Total distance: 5353 km
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