Day 8: Wine country

Waking up unexpectedly in Cranbrook was much better than I could have predicted.

Sunrise in Cranbrook

I got one of those cheesy tourist guidebooks for Canada. This was mostly to be sure to have some “sure thing” restaurant choices along the way.

My guide book describes Cranbrook as an “uninspiring” service town. But our breakfast at the Best Western was delicious! The blackout curtains did just that. And we set off bright and early to complete our winding mountain road journey.

In the West Kootneys

Most scary moment: passing the hull of a burnt out car on a hairpin turn.

Wildflowers near Princeton
West Kooyneys

We made it through the West Kootneys and into the South Okanagan Valley in time for dinner.

In the Okanagan

It was 36 degrees, dry, and sunny. We spent most of the rest of the daylight hours (and then some) in my cousin’s pool in Osoyoos.

And even though I could only see them from the wrong side, I could definitely tell that those were “my” mountains on the horizon.

Those are my mountains

It was the perfect antidote to an extra day in the car.

Some stats:

  • Beaver dams: 3
  • Bear poo: 1
  • Bee farm: 1
  • Deer: 1
  • Burned out hull of a car on a hairpin turn: 1
  • Eagles: 2
  • Total distance: 4895 km

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