Day 6: In the Badlands

We left Saskatoon bright and early and headed off to Alberta.

Big prairie sky
Oil country

Our trip was slowed down by folks moving houses on trucks across the prairies and blocking all lanes of traffic. Twice.

Anyone need me to pick them up a thresher?

We visited the Alberta Badlands. This area contains a large number of dinosaur fossils, so we stopped in Drumheller to visit the Royal Tyrell Museum and go see them.

In the badlands
Royal Tyrell Museum
Size chart
Learning about dinos

Then off to Calgary (our first big city so far!) where we stayed with family. On the menu: Alberta beef of course!

Cow town

Some stats:

  • Deer: 3
  • Suit + cowboy hat: 1
  • Elk: 1
  • Houses on trucks blocking all lanes of traffic: 2
  • Total distance: 4103 km
In the badlands
Sunny day in the badlands

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