Day 5: On tornado watch

It isn’t a proper trip to Saskatchewan without a tornado warning, is it?

Plains of Saskatchewan

We stayed with friends in Brandon Manitoba and after an amazing waffle breakfast, set off for Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan farmhouse

We drove all the way to Regina.

Canola fields

There we stopped at the RCMP museum. The older kids checked out the exhibits.

Regina’s oldest standing building

Kid #3 tried on the mini uniforms. Kid #4 crawled into the back of the simulation police car and announced: “I’m a villain!” That one’s going to be trouble.

At the RCMP museum

Our next stop was Saskatoon to stay with friends. But of course, there was a tornado watch in place.

Saskatchewan cattle

About an hour from Saskatoon we hit a storm. It was intense. In a big prairie sky, the storm was all lightning.

The cows huddled up next to the fences. Some of the cars pulled off the road.

In the two days we were in Saskatchewan, seven tornadoes touched down in the province.

Calm before the storm

But we made it, just a bit late for a homemade lasagna dinner and Saskatoon berry pie, in Saskatoon. It was perfect and delicious.

Some stats:

  • Near prairie dog collisions: 1
  • Herd of bison: 1
  • Deer: 3
  • Total distance: 3350km

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