Day 4: Wheat Kings and pretty things

It’s hard to make good time when you are driving behind a line painting truck.

But that’s the middle of the story.

We woke up at Sandbar Lake Provincial Park in Northwestern Ontario. It was beautiful and the bugs and frogs had mostly disappeared.

Sandbar Lake

We packed up our tent and went down to the beach where we hunted for seashells. There was a flock of American Black ducks in the middle of the lake.

Looking for seashells

Then we set off for Manitoba. After a while, the treeline switched from Boreal forest to Manitoba woodlands. When we passed the 7-11, we knew we were close. But then, we got stuck behind a line-painting truck on the single-lane highway.

We crossed the provincial border and stopped by Fort Whyte Alive! in Winnipeg to see their herd of bison. They also had an outdoor prairie dog coterie. And though not part of the official display, we also found a family of Canada geese.

Canadian geese in Winnipeg
The bison herd at Fort Whyte Alive!
Prairie broom

Outside of Winnipeg, a fawn ran out in front of our car, but luckily we missed it and it missed us. Phew!

A bit past Winnipeg

And we chased the sunset in under a big prairie sky.

Sunset in Manitoba

Some stats:

  • Eagle: 1
  • Raven: 1
  • Flock of black ducks: 1
  • Lakeside shells: a handful
  • Near-deer collision: 1
  • Herd of bison: 1
  • Prairie dogs: 1 coterie
  • Salamander: 1
  • Baby Canadian geese: 1 gaggle
  • Total distance: 2759
Prairie sunset

2 thoughts on “Day 4: Wheat Kings and pretty things

  1. Hi Shannon,

    I’m glad you’re having such an amazing trip! Also glad that you’re seeing wildlife. That was my favourite part of traveling around BC – except for the time a bear was Sniffing around the tent – even though, as usual, all the food was locked in the van.

    When we went across the country with you and Snoopy, we had a black fly encounter, too. The van was boiling over, so we stopped at a rest stop and drove down a short road to a pond. Then the black flies swarmed. I put Snoopy on his leash, grabbed your car seat and ran back to the rest stop. Bob dealt with the radiator and wasn’t bitten.

    Poor Snoopy didn’t have a stellar trip. There was a wasp nest under a picnic table. Our next stop was Edmonton, and they knew a good vet, so he was okay. Then he was bitten by a tic neat the Ont/Qué border. A friend of Stu’s was working at a vet that summer and he pulled the tic out properly.

    The highlights of the trip were in southern Alberta. I’d never seen so many stars! We also saw a herd of antelopes jumping south of the highway there.

    Could you please send some photos of the and you and Marc, from time to time?

    Mum May the wind be always at your back


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