Are we there yet?

I was born in Vancouver, but my kids have never dipped their tiny feet in tide pools. In Montreal, where I live, you would call me a “mère indigne”, an unfit mother. So I’m setting off on a cross-Canadian road trip with 4 kids in tow to right this wrong.

Luckily, my amazing employer lets me work remotely, so what might have been a quick flight, or a couple of weeks of driving, will be a 6-week digital nomad adventure. Did I mention we’re hiring?

Wish me luck and unlimited patience!

Some stats:

  • 6 weeks
  • 6 provinces
  • 4 kids
  • 4,982 km each way
  • 1 ocean, 2 mountain ranges, 2 great lakes
  • All the stars in the sky

Keep your feet on your side. Stop bothering your sister. Don’t make me stop the car.

Vancouver Sunset
Destination: The Pacific Ocean.

5 thoughts on “Are we there yet?

  1. Oh goodness! I’m doing a 10-day road-trip with only 2 kiddos (to NB and PEI) and I can already imagine the bickering. Good luck and have fun, sounds like an amazing experience for them!

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  2. You so got this!

    Other ammo:

    * Ok! Who can stay quietest the longest?
    * Who has logged the most license plates in their list so far? (only works for more advanced reading ages)
    * My kids are still little (5, 5, and 7) but they will play “pretend hide and seek” for around 30m at a time. The hider pretends they are the size of a fist (or shoe, or whatever), and hiding somewhere in your house. Kids can ask questions like “are you in the kitchen” and receive cold/warm/hot as a reply, to help hone in on where the hider is hiding. We’ve had to rule out certain spaces (in between walls, not in someone’s pocket, etc) but it is a lot of fun to see where they come up with.
    * Don’t make me play my music again.

    Last resort: just put on your headphones and turn up the volume.

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    1. +1 for “The Quiet Game!” I have given cash prizes for this before with zero regrets. Our kids are 11 and 8 now, and 20 Questions (uh, there are often more than 20) still entertains for long stretches, as long as the little one doesn’t go with things like “that guardrail we passed half an hour ago.”

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